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  • Licorice Root: Benefits & Usage

    Licorice Root: Benefits & Usage

    Introduction  What is your immediate reaction to...licorice?   No, not red vines, and not traditional black licorice candies either. We’re talking licorice root, right out of the ground. Many people who...

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  • Alteratives: An Overview of Blood Purifying Herbs

    Alteratives: An Overview of Blood Purifying Herbs

    What is an alterative? To answer this question, you must first ask another: what are herbal actions? These are terms created by traditional herbalists and adopted by allopathic physicians to...

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  • adaptogens for stress support

    Adaptogens for Stress Support

    Identify your relationship to stress and learn how adaptogen herbs work on a cellular level to modulate a healthy stress response. 

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  • What Form of Supplement are You?

    What Form of Supplement are You?

    Whether you are new to taking herbal supplements, or a seasoned veteran, we’d like to offer you some more information to ensure you get the most out of our Cellular...

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  • How To Do An At-Home Cleanse

    How To Do An At-Home Cleanse

    The Right Season For An At Home Cleanse You are likely familiar with the traditional “spring cleaning” ritual for clearing away the clutter of winter. Whether this clutter has accumulated...

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  • 👀 Check it out! 👀

    There is a new feature on the Dr. Morse's Herbal Health Club website that we want all of you to try! Dr. Morse's videos have a tremendous amount of information and...

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  • Introducing the Ultimate Herbal Blend!

    If you haven't tried the Dr. Morse's Cellular Botanicals Ultimate Herbal Blend formulations yet, now is the time!   The Ultimate Herbal Blend was inspired by the Skin/Burn formulation, and...

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