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  • Poke


    Doctor Morse’s is a community of healers and self-aware humans that get the unique opportunity to still enjoy pokeweed in formulas. Dr Morse understands the importance of pokeweed for supporting...

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  • Dandelion


    Dandelion tincture is another favorite of Dr Morse and can be enjoyed in Heal All Herbal Blend and Tea, Endocrine Daily, Adrenal Support, Liver/Skin, and Bone & Connective Tissue Support.*

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  • Horsetail


    Due to horsetails’ affinity for the kidneys, bladder, large intestine, and lung Dr Morse uses this herb in many of his formulas. You can try our single herb Horsetail Tincture,...

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  • Nettle


    Try Nettle tincture on its own or with other supportive herbs in Doctor Morse’s Kidneys & Bladder Restore and Bleeding formulas.

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