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How To Do An At-Home Cleanse

How To Do An At-Home Cleanse

The Right Season For An At Home Cleanse

You are likely familiar with the traditional “spring cleaning” ritual for clearing away the clutter of winter. Whether this clutter has accumulated in our physical spaces or is nestled in the very tissues of our being, embarking on a seasonal cleanse is a way to prepare ourselves for the rebirth that comes with a new spring.  

Spring isn't the only season ripe for cleansing. As you watch the fall colors ignite, and begin your transition into winter, this is another ideal moment to clear out unwanted accumulation. As we compost the earth-side decay from our gardens, we can also prepare our bodies for the coming winter: this is a good time to get all our organs and body systems functioning properly, so we are ready to process all the heavy foods that come with the season.  

There is a common misconception in our modern culture, instilled in us by expert marketing, that “cleansing” is necessary because our bodies and our blood are dirty and must be made clean. That our digestive tract, stratified with the history of our dietary indulgences, must be excavated and made anew.  

Allow us to offer you another perspective: The human organism is designed with many wonderous checks and balances that, when functioning properly, clean and detoxify the body day and night. A healthy diet and exercise (the sweatier the better), and the support of dietary formulas geared towards detoxification and regeneration, are great ways to support your body’s innate systems of detoxification and elimination.   

At Home Cleanse Steps

Rather than fearmongering, at Dr. Morse’s Herbal Health Club our perspective on cleansing is focused on developing healthy rituals and habits that promote our body’s own detoxification process. We would like to offer you the following seasonal cleanse protocol to support your healthy transition into winter.*

Getting Started

  1. Cleansing without fasting! How a healthy diet supports a successful cleanse. We have a variety of resources on what foods to eat and proper food combining in the Downloadable PDF section of the website, along with a handout on the fruit sugar myth. Get familiar with it all! 
  2. Gather the correct cellular botanicals. Be ready to spend a month taking these herbal formulas while maintaining a healthy diet (as listed above) throughout the process and beyond! 
    1. Parasite G 
    2. Parasite M 
    3. Kidneys & Bladder (your choice) 
    4. Lymphatic System (we recommend #1 if you are just starting out) 
    5. GI Renew (your choice) 
  3. Begin your cleanse! We recommend taking the herbs three times daily according to the recommended dosing on the label.  

After a month, stop the Parasite G. Maintain a healthy diet and continue with our other herbal formulas for another few weeks to open the body's channels of elimination and enhance your overall detoxification. You may take the Parasite M for any length of time, especially if you have large amounts of sulfur accumulation in your tissues. 


Part 2 

Which Supplement form is right for you? 

Cleanse Formula Guide 

Now that you are on board for a seasonal digestive cleanse, we want to make sure you get the right combination of formulas to get things movin.’ 

Dr. Morse designed these formulas to support the bowl in drawing out and eliminating excess accumulation, while aiding in the removal of unwanted organisms. Your cleanse kit depends on two factors: the severity of your toxicity (we’ll let you be the judge of that), and how often you eliminate your bowels.* 

Using the chart below, choose from our 3 cleanse protocols: General/Maintenance, Short-Term Support, or Long-Term Support, then determine which supplement form is right for you based on the information above (tincture, glycerite, or capsule).  



Parasite G 

Parasite M  

GI Renew* 

Kidney Bladder 1 Lymphatic 1 


Short-Term Support 


Parasite G 

Parasite M 

GI Renew* 

Kidney Bladder 3 & 4  

Lymphatic 3 

Long-Term Support 


Parasite G 

Parasite M 

GI Renew* 

Kidney Bladder 1 & 2 

Lymphatic 2 

* Use the number scale found on any of our GI Renew products to determine which one is right for you. 

Popular Combos: 

  • Kidneys & Bladder 1 and 2 are combined often; for sustained support, take one as tincture/glycerite and one as a capsule. 
  • Kidneys & Bladder 3 and 4 are combined often; for sustained support, take one as tincture/glycerite and one as a capsule. 
  • Lymphatic System 1 through 4 increase in potency, 1 being a maintenance mover, 4 being the strongest mover. Generally, a month to two months on each is best. If detoxification is moving too quickly, reduce to a lower numbered formula. 

We encourage you to reach out if you have any questions about combining Dr. Morse products, our team is standing by!  

Thank you for choosing Dr. Morse Cellular Botanicals, we wish you success with your cleanse! 

*FDA warning: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


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  • Keela Harrison

    Thank you,best herbs ever.

  • Michael

    Cheers folks I appreciate the grounded advice… as I’m definitely going to be having a few comfort meals but I eat majority raw and fruits so I appreciate your words and advice 🙏 thank you

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