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What Form of Supplement are You?

What Form of Supplement are You?

Whether you are new to taking herbal supplements, or a seasoned veteran, we’d like to offer you some more information to ensure you get the most out of our Cellular Botanicals formulas.  

In the herbal world, compliance and consistency are key to the best outcomes with your herbal supplements. For some, it is hard to take your herbs everyday if you can’t stand the taste, for others, it’s all about ease-of-use. For this reason, at Dr. Morse Herbal Health Club, we offer our herbal supplements in multiple forms, typically tincture, glycerite, and capsule.  

This is a rare find amongst herbal supplement companies, and we do this to ensure that every Herbal Health Club member gets their formula in a form that best suits their lifestyle. Let’s explore all three so you can determine which form is a good fit for you: 


Tinctures are made by infusing alcohol with plant material. This process of soaking the herbs is called maceration. This maceration infuses over time, and then the herbs are strained away. The alcohol strength listed on the bottle is chosen based on the solubility of the therapeutic phytochemicals in the herbs. Tincture formulas are concentrated, potent, and quick to absorb into circulation.  

Most hard-core herbalists will take a dropperful of tincture, undiluted, directly on the tongue for fast absorption. You can also take your tinctures with a little juice or water to dilute the taste. Tinctures are a good supplement form for folks who have a hard time swallowing capsules.  


Glycerites are made using glycerin as the solvent. Glycerin has a pleasantly sweet flavor, which helps to harmonize the other, more intense flavors of the herbs in the formula, and it does this without affecting blood sugar levels. 

Considered comparable to alcohol for extracting plant phytochemicals, our glycerite formulas are the sweet, alcohol-free alternative to tinctures. Like tinctures, glycerites are a good supplement form for folks who have a hard time swallowing capsules. 

Our tinctures and glycerites come in 2 oz bottles which make them a good grab-and-go option for people who need something they can throw in their bag and carry with them to take throughout the day.  


Our capsules contain the same herbal formulas as their associated tincture and glycerite products, only in their powdered form. Unlike tinctures/glycerites where the phytochemicals are extracted and concentrated in a solvent, our capsules contain the whole-herb powder itself. 

Absorbtion time is slower for capsules, as they must pass through the stomach before they are absorbed by the small intestine. This is the best option if you are trying to avoid tasting your herbs, or if you are most intrigued by whole-plant supplements in their raw form. 

Quick combos: 

  • Kidneys & Bladder 1 and 2 are combined often; combine one as a tincture or glycerin and one as a capsule if possible.* 
  • Kidneys & Bladder 3 and 4 are combined often; combine one as a tincture or glycerin and one as a capsule if possible.* 
  • Lymphatic System 1 through 4 are increased at preference, backing down on dosing one level if detoxification is moving too quickly. Generally, a month to two months on each is best. We recommend a month on Lymphatic 4, then back down to a lower formula for a bit.  

*Sustaining Benefits 

When combining formulas of the same name, we recommend ordering one as a tincture/glycerite and one as a capsule for the best results.  

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