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Detoxed! Now What?

Detoxed! Now What?

A question that is very common in the Dr. Morse Community is “What do I eat after I have detoxed?” The hope, according to Dr. Morse, is that you'll come out of your detox making better food choices. The following is a guide to healthy dietary choices for everyday life.  

For those that need guidance, there are plenty of great resources to help you stick to a healthy diet going forward.  One such resource is the “The Natural Hygiene” approach.  

Dr. Morse aligns with the dietary recommendations of the Natural Hygiene program as an example of a long-term plan after detoxification, but he obviously does not subscribe to the idea that herbs are not beneficial in cleaning and healing the body. We know the power of herbs and how vital they are to our healing process during detoxification and the benefits of herbal support as preventative health measures after detoxification.  

The Natural Hygiene Diet  

The Natural Hygiene diet is a nutritional approach that emphasizes the consumption of whole, unprocessed, plant-based foods in their natural state. It is based on the principles of natural hygiene, which focuses on promoting health through lifestyle choices and diet.   

Key Principles of the Natural Hygiene Diet  

-Whole, Unprocessed Foods: The diet encourages the consumption of foods that are minimally processed or unprocessed, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.   

-Raw and Living Foods: Raw foods are considered optimal in the Natural Hygiene diet as they retain their natural enzymes and nutrients. Raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are believed to provide the body with maximum vitality and optimal health. Some proponents of the Natural Hygiene diet may lightly cook or steam foods.  

-Food Combinations: The Natural Hygiene diet emphasizes proper food combining to optimize digestion and prevent digestive issues. According to this principle, certain food groups should not be consumed together, such as combining proteins with starches. The idea is that different foods require different digestive environments, and improper combinations can lead to inefficient digestion and potential health problems.  

-Hydration: Sufficient water intake is essential in the Natural Hygiene diet to support proper hydration and bodily functions. Of course, we all know how much water fruits give us!  

-Avoidance of Stimulants and Toxins: The Natural Hygiene diet advocates for the avoidance of stimulants and toxic substances such as caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, refined sugar, and artificial additives. These substances are believed to disrupt the body's natural balance and contribute to health issues.  

-Intuitive Eating: The Natural Hygiene diet is all about listening to your body's natural hunger and fullness cues. It encourages eating when hungry and stopping when satisfied, avoiding overeating or restrictive eating patterns.  

As you can see, there are many similarities here to what we know to be true in the Dr. Morse community. 

The Dr. Morse Personal Diet Plan itself has some wonderful ideas on how to adhere to a healthy diet. Although used for a moderate detox, it’s a wonderful way to eat on a day-to-day basis with fruits, juices, smoothies, salads, steamed vegetables, veggies soups and sweet potato.  

We hope that you enjoyed our thoughts on what to do after detoxification, which we hope is helpful for finding your new diet-groove to keep you happy and healthy! Bon Appetit!  


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