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A Peek Inside Blood Circulation Formula

A Peek Inside Blood Circulation Formula

The healthy flow of blood is essential for proper detoxification. Oxygenated blood leaving the heart travels to every organ, tissue, tendon and cell to bathe them with oxygen, hydration, and nutrients. Blood returning to the heart carries our waste to be eliminated. Our blood is comprised of what we consume - food, water, herbal supplements, and everything else - throughout our day. A proper diet and our Blood Circulation formula can support a healthy heart, fortify the blood, and promote general detoxification. 

In our recent circulatory system anatomy and physiology blog we review capillary beds. This essential zone where blood and lymph meet and exchange fluids is ground zero for Doctor Morse’s teachings on cellular regeneration. Here in these densely packed capillary beds filled with interstitial fluid, cellular waste, blood, and lymph is where acidosis can be detected and resolved. Only through the optimal flow and function of both the blood and lymphatic vessels can this acidic buildup be properly absorbed and removed from the body.   

The kidneys, skin, respiratory and digestive tracts also need to be online in order for this waste to complete its journey out of the body.  


Here at Doctor Morse’s, we always recommend that you work towards a healthy diet of raw fruits and vegetables before or in tandem with taking any of our supplement formulas. This is especially true when working with the blood and the circulatory system. Fruits are especially packed with the hydration and nutrients that build healthy blood. This nutrient and water rich blood is then transported to the capillary beds where it can wash over our tissues and cells, and “wash out” acidic and metabolic waste build up.  

Blood Circulation Formula   

As an herbal formulator, working with the circulatory system is always part of the equation regardless of which organ, tissue or system a formula is designed to support. Herbal formulators often use the traditional method of adding energetically pungent/warming and stimulating herbs to a formula to support the excitation of the circulatory system. These herbs are known as catalysts or envoys and include herbs like cayenne, ginger, pepper, rosemary and prickly ash.  

Doctor Morse’s Blood Circulation supplement assists the body’s healthy functioning circulatory system with the help of these catalyst herbs:  

Ginkgo - Promotes blood circulation to the brain, eyes, ears, and legs, and healthy memory, attention and speed of thinking (Shah Faisal Ahmad Tarfarosh et al, 2017).* 

Rosemary - Flavonoids in rosemary, such as diosmin and hesperidin, help strengthen blood vessel walls. Terpenes in this herb’s essential oil content seem to support general relaxation of the blood vessels, contributing to smooth flow and healthy blood pressure levels.* 

Prickly ash - In small doses, prickly ash supports an increased heart rate and blood flow. “It promotes general perspiration, invigorates the stomach and strengthens the digestive organs when slow, which permits unwanted sluggish fermentation, at the same time equalizing circulation (A Hutchens, 1973).* 

Besides the use of catalysts, Blood Circulation has an incredible blend of supportive herbs for the blood and heart:  

Hawthorn - Proanthocyanins found in hawthorn are a type of flavonoid that promotes the strength and elasticity of blood vessels, helping to maintain healthy blood pressure levels (Pascu, D. E. et al, 2013). Cardiotonic Amines in Hawthorn have a positive inotropic effect, meaning they can potentially strengthen the heart's contractions, promoting healthy heart function.* 

Gotu kola – A connective tissue tonic, gotu kola is cardioprotective and neuroprotective, while also supporting healthy inflammatory levels. “Polyphenol, flavonoid, 3-carotene, tannin, vitamin C, and DPPH...compounds are readily found in [gotu kola] contributing to significantly higher antioxidant activity in the herb (Udumalagala Gamage Chandrika et al, 2015).”* 

Butcher’s broom - The root and rhizome are traditionally used as a vascular tonic, constricting (tonifying) blood vessels and keeping a smooth blood flow, especially those in the lower extremities, while also being a mover of the bowels.*  

White oak – White oak’s tannic astringency tones lax tissue and blood vessels and supports healthy circulation (Mahmoud Bahmani et al, 2015).* 

Schisandra berry – the tincture extract of this adaptogenic herb was trialed on a group of long-distance swimmers and the results showed that schisandra supports increased hemoglobin in the blood. Hemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells that binds to and delivers oxygen to the body.* 

Winning Combinations 

Because the health and flow of the blood is critical to supporting the proper elimination of waste from the body, Doctor Morse highly recommends adding Blood Circulation in any detox protocol. It is included in every week of the Ultimate Detox Kit and is a great adjunct formula for the Fab Four Kit 

Doctor Morse also highly recommends combining it with Brain and Nervous Systems because the herbs in these two formulas synergize beautifully for supporting memory, hair loss, and general nervous system irregularities.* 

In module 2.5 (The Cardiovascular System and the Blood) in Doctor Morse’s book The Detox Miracle Sourcebook, he makes a point to mention that the adrenal glands play a primary role in how strong the heart pumps and its rhythm. When adrenaline is released into the bloodstream as part of the "fight or flight" response this potent hormone has a direct effect on the heart. When it binds to specific receptors in the heart muscle, it causes several changes: 

  • Increased Heart Rate: Adrenaline speeds up the heart rate, leading to a faster heartbeat.  
  • Increased Contractility: It enhances the force of each heart contraction, leading to stronger and more efficient pumping of blood. 
  • Dilation of Blood Vessels: Adrenaline causes blood vessels in muscles to dilate, allowing more blood to flow to the muscles. 

When combining Doctor Morse's formulas for supporting a healthy heart and circulatory system, adding Adrenal Support can help to balance the stress response, potentially contributing to the health of the heart over time.* 

Add Blood Circulation to your daily supplement routine to support the movement and quality of your blood and the strength of your heartbeat. Combine it with your detox protocols to excite circulatory flow and support the delivery of your therapeutic formula(s) into general circulation.* 


*FDA warning: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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