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Doctor Morse’s Protocols for Immune & Lymphatic System Health*

Doctor Morse’s Protocols for Immune & Lymphatic System Health*


The immune/lymphatic system is the second stop on our road to whole body detoxification. Now that we’ve discussed the kidneys & bladder eliminatory channel, Doctor Morse’s teachings send us deeper into the body, to the tissues and interstitial spaces where acidosis may form. Our focus shifts to the system that works to clear out this build up, the lymphatic system.  

To understand the fascinating components that make up the immune and lymphatic system, check out our recent blog Lymphatic System Function. You can also join us for our upcoming live webinar on this system here. The lymphatic system comprises an extensive network of vessels, totaling around 60,000 miles in length throughout the body. Additionally, the body contains approximately 2 to 4 gallons of lymph fluid, which circulates through these vessels, aiding in immune function and waste removal. 

The lymphatic system is gaining interest from modern practitioners and healthcare enthusiasts. Its intricate network of vessels and nodes remained largely a mystery until the 17th century when researchers like Gaspare Aselli began to explore its anatomy and function. Despite its initial obscurity, we now understand the lymphatic system's vital role in maintaining fluid balance, immune surveillance, and lipid absorption. 

As the primary channel for making, housing and transporting immune cells, keeping the lymphatic system healthy and flowing is vital. In the following article we will discuss how to best support the immune/lymphatic system with a general maintenance protocol, healthy inflammatory levels protocols, and protocols for common imbalances such as stagnation and immune/microbial imbalances.* 


Before we get into formulas and protocols, we’d like to take a moment to encourage you to talk to your health care provider before beginning any lymphatic system protocol. 

The following protocols have been designed by Doctor Morse and are used to support many folks on their healing journey. However, they are only recommendations and should be considered alongside recommendations from a doctor or other healthcare provider.   

Formulas for Immune/Lymphatic System Protocols 

Lymph Drainage* - ALL 


Kidneys & Bladder - ALL 

Endocrine Daily 

Ultimate Immune Tonic* 

Parasite Micro 

Blood Circulation 

Fire Cider 

Bone and Connective Tissue Support* 

Heal All Tea* 

Healthy Joints* 



General Maintenance   

For anyone interested in supporting the healthy flow and function of the immune and lymphatic system, a general maintenance protocol is recommended. Above all else, you will find the most success supporting this and all body systems by limiting the intake of toxic foods and observing a well-balanced, alkaline diet 

Doctor Morse’s Lymph Drainage Daily* formula is a lovely tonic for supporting the flow of lymphatic fluid with the help of cleavers and fenugreek which gently hydrate and support clear channels. Echinacea and chaparral are included to support the strength and function of the immune cells. Kidneys & Bladder Daily is included in this protocol as the urinary system removes lymphatic waste from the body.* 

Ultimate Immune Tonic* recommended for daily maintenance because it is a supportive formula for building the immune system over time. Adaptive and modulating herbs like deer antler, American ginseng and astragalus support strong immunity and optimum immune cell function and response.* 

Bone and Connective Tissue Support* is also included in this protocol because most of our immune cells are produced in the bone marrow. Supporting healthy bone with ingredients like deer antler, dandelion and kelp can support immune function by ensuring optimal conditions for immune cell production and activity.* 

Heal All Tea is a lovely addition to any general maintenance formula as drinking tea is an act of self-care. Plus Doctor Morse’s Heal All Tea is a balanced blend of tonic herbs for supporting all the body’s eliminatory channels.* 


Lymphatic Stagnancy 

What does it mean to have lymphatic stagnation? Remember that the lymphatic vessels are thoroughfares for lymphatic fluid. In a healthy state, this fluid flows freely from one lymph node to the next. When lymph becomes stagnant or stuck, it can lead to a buildup of toxins, fluid retention, and compromised immune function, and can manifest as inflammatory imbalances, fatigue, recurrent microbial imbalances, and sluggishness.  

Besides a healthy diet and other physical therapeutics like exercise, movement, and lymphatic massage, there are Doctor Morse’s formulas to support healthy lymphatic flow. This would include any of the Lymph Drainage formulas, which we recommend you choose based on the severity of your discomfort/stagnancy, keeping in mind that all our Lymph Drainage formulas other than Lymph Drainage Daily* are for short term use due to their pokeweed content.* 

Also included in this protocol is Kidneys & Bladder Drain* which we discussed last month as being an excellent kidney activator thanks to its herbal diuretic content. This supports kidney function so that lymph fluid is properly removed from the body.* 

Liver/Skin is included in this protocol to support healthy digestion and flow in the GI tract, as well as healthy elimination via the liver to skin eliminatory pathway, which can take some pressure off the kidneys and lymphatic eliminatory pathway.* 

Blood Circulation is the final formula in this protocol, and is added for its warming, catalytic action on the circulatory system. Herbs like ginkgo, rosemary and prickly ash support an increased heart rate, healthy blood flow, and the loosening of lymphatic stagnancy.* 

Maintaining Healthy Inflammatory Levels in the Lymph System* 

Instances of acute and chronic immune activation lead to localized and systemic inflammatory imbalances. In many acute scenarios, this is totally normal, and a good sign that your immune system is functioning properly. It is when this becomes a long-term issue that it may be time to switch to a diet of fruits and vegetables and integrate a protocol of Doctor Morse’s supportive herbal formulas.* 

For this protocol, we suggest Lymph Drainage Moderate Mover* as it contains chaparral herb, graviola leaf, and red clover, all used by traditional herbalists to support healthy inflammatory levels. Add in Kidneys & Bladder Restore* or Hydrate* to soothe and support the urinary tract.* 

Healthy Joints* is an excellent addition here as it’s turmeric and meadowsweet content are well researched herbs for “improving [the] inflammatory/oxidative status of individuals (Dehzad, M. J. et al. 2023).”* 

Blood Circulation is added here as a supportive formula to help deliver the herbs in this protocol to their affiliated tissues and systems. Endocrine Daily is an adjunct formula that you can choose to add to support the hormone delivery systems that contribute to balanced inflammatory levels.* 


Immune Imbalances – Acute & Chronic* 

As the lymphatic system is integrally tied to the ever-changing landscape of the immune system, this protocol is designed to be taken when you experience the telltale signs that the immune system may be falling out of balance: a tickle in the throat, lymphatic irritation, and the change in the temperature of our urine are all indicators that you may be fighting something.  

Pokeweed and blood root in Lymph Drainage Super Mover* are toxic in high doses. But in low dose form, and in combination with other synergistic herbs, they can be powerful allies for igniting lymph function and rallying immune cells activation. Their emetic quality in low dose form supports bodily fluids like lymph, urine, and feces to eliminate, making them some of our best detoxifying herbs. Echinacea is the predominant herb in Doctor Morse’s Super Mover formula, which is one of the most popular North American herbs for supporting immune health.* 

As with all our supplement protocols, we recommend adding a Kidneys & Bladder formula to support microbial balance. K&B Drain* is a good choice here as it contains juniper berry and uva ursi, two herbs high in volatile oils that support healthy microbial levels. Plus, the addition of parsley produces a natural diuretic action that supports the removal of increased cellular waste associated with immune/microbial imbalance.* 

This protocol also includes Fire Cider, a well-loved traditional remedy loaded with hot herbs whose pungency stimulates digestion, supports lymphatic flow and the activation of the immune response, and is a general circulatory stimulant.* 

Bone & Connective Tissue Support* is included in this protocol as immune cells are primarily produced in bone marrow. Supporting bone health with ingredients like dandelion, kelp, deer antler, and horsetail will inherently support bone marrow health and immune cell production.* 

Parasite Micro is an adjunct formula that can be added this this protocol to further promote the removal of unwanted organisms from the body.* 


*FDA warning: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.   

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