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Dr Morse’s Protocols for Urinary System Health

Dr Morse’s Protocols for Urinary System Health

The primary focus of Dr Morse’s health crusade is to bring the body back online by awakening detoxification tissues and pathways. To this end, all major eliminatory systems need support as they are the key to removing toxic build from the body.  

For this reason, the Kidneys & Bladder formulas were created to support the proper functioning, filtration and metabolic waste removal of the urinary system. Other eliminatory organs need support as well, as it is the orchestrated efforts of all eliminatory systems that allow for the proper removal of waste. Therefore, Dr Morse recommends pairing Kidneys & Bladder formulas with GI Renew formulas to support digestive function and Lymphatic System formulas to support the health of the lymphatic system.   

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Detox Digest with Doctor Morse’s Healing Herbs: The Urinary System 

Wednesday, February 28th 4pm EST  

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Before we get into formulas and protocols, we’d like to take a moment to encourage you to talk to your healthcare practitioner before beginning any urinary system protocol, especially since many urinary system responses can be the symptoms of some greater issue.   

The following protocols have been designed by Doctor Morse and are used to support many folks on their healing journey. However, they are only recommendations and should be considered alongside recommendations from a doctor.  


Each of the body's systems has a unique job to support the whole. As learned, the urinary system has a role in elimination and fluid regulation in the body. If we do not eliminate our wastes properly, then we accumulate congestion interstitially, which is around the cells, and within the cells, leading to the deterioration of cells and function.  

Along with correcting digestion, absorption, and utilization, optimizing elimination will help restore energy and overall health. The most basic herbal formula supports are the Kidneys & Bladder formulas, Lymph Drainage formulas, and the Kidney Tea.* 

We will explore protocols for common urinary system complaints and review the importance of diet. 

Formula Favorites for Urinary System Protocols 

Kidneys & Bladder Daily 

Lymphatic Drainage Gentle Mover 

Kidneys & Bladder Restore 

Lymphatic Drainage Daily 

Kidneys & Bladder Drain 

Adrenal Support 

Kidneys & Bladder Hydrate 

Parasite M 

Kidney Tea 

Prostate Health  

Bone & Connective Tissue Support 



General Maintenance  

Eliminating waste through multiple channels in the body supports overall health. Good elimination means eliminating through urination, bowel movements, sweating and breathing. Inadequately eliminating wastes congests the interstitial fluid, which compromises cells and their functions. 

Along with an alkaline diet, herbs provide additional support to clean, tone and strengthen cells and tissues of the body. If you are simply wanting to support the optimal function of your kidneys and bladder, Kidneys & Bladder Daily is a great option. It’s a mild blend of cordyceps, goldenrod, horsetail and corn silk that supports the tone, function, and fluidity of the urinary tract. *   

Observe the following protocol for supporting urinary system health everyday.* 

Lax/Sluggish Kidneys & Kidney Support  

Aside from making the transition to an alkaline diet, cleansing the body on a deeper level can support the kidneys and help achieve and maintain a healthy state.  

Kidneys & Bladder Drain is designed to support the proper functioning of the kidneys and filtration of the blood. It is an excellent choice for bringing the kidneys back online when they are in a laxer, more sluggish state. This lax state can result in reduced kidney function or impaired filtration which can lead to toxic build up in the blood (Yong Jin Lim et al, 2021).*  

Kidneys & Bladder Drain contains a high concentration of parsley leaf and root, a well-loved herb by traditional Herbalists for its natural diuretic action. Compounds found in parsley, such as flavonoids, apiol, and volatile oils support an increase in urine production and flow. This is also a good option for folks who are detoxifying to support the removal of waste build up in the blood.* 

The kidneys are sensitive to acidic foods like coffee, carbonated drinks, meat and other processed and refined foods. Consuming these foods and beverages regularly inhibits normal kidney function, which can lead to problems with urination and elimination of wastes. You may physically just feel sluggish, especially after the effects of these irritating and stimulating foods have worn off. 

Increased Urination  

A full bladder sends nerve signals to the brain which triggers the need to urinate. This coordinates the relaxation and contraction of pelvic floor muscles and urethra, which pushes urine out. 

Increased urination is frustrating and important to address. Within a 24-hour period, it is typical to urinate 6 to 7 times. If you experience the urge to pee more frequently than this, it is time to consider a protocol to support the health of the tissues of the urinary tract.  

Aside from poor diet, lifestyle, medications, and frequency of bowel movements, there are other factors to consider. Increased urination is commonly associated with weak pelvic floor muscles or an enlarged prostate. Moreover, disruptions in nerve signaling and compromised tissue integrity can lead to urinary urgency. Support for the connective tissue that makes up the urinary system is important, as this tissue contains an intricate network of nerves and vessels that contribute to the function of the urination process. 

Kidneys & Bladder Restore supports the renewal of proper kidney tone, strength, and function and the restoration of the tissues of the urinary tract. It is recommended for increased urination.* 

Corn silk is a primary ingredient in Kidneys & Bladder Restore. This herb’s saponin content helps to stimulate the flow of urine making it a popular natural diuretic while its allantoin content gives it a demulcency that supports the softening and moistening of the epithelial cell lining of the urinary tract. For this reason, it is employed for both tissue rejuvenation and when there is discomfort when urinating.* 

Herbal support, along with a clean diet, can support healthy function of the urinary system, helping the bladder empty completely and regularly.* 

Discomfort When Urinating  

There are numerous reasons for urinary discomfort and these discomforts manifest in different ways. All are uncomfortable and can be supported with a strict protocol including dietary shifts and herbs. Staying hydrated and avoiding acidic beverages and food is key. 

Castor oil packs to the abdomen or over the kidneys, or moist heat (caution with electric heat - not advised) supports blood flow and eases discomfort.* 

Supporting urinary discomfort with herbs is a two-step process. First, it is important to use herbs that are naturally diuretic to support an increase in urine production and flow along with herbs that are high in volatile oils which help to restore microbial balance in the urinary tract. Kidneys & Bladder Restore contains diuretic and volatile rich herbs juniper and uva ursi for this stage of renewal.* 

Second, once urinary discomfort has dissipated, we recommend switching out the Restore formula for Kidneys & Bladder Hydrate. Our juiciest urinary tract formula, Kidneys & Bladder Hydrate is rich in demulcent herbs marshmallow, chickweed and he shou wu (fo-ti). The mucilaginous polysaccharides found in these herbs deliver hydration directly to the tissues of the urinary tract, helping to sooth, rejuvenate, and calm irritated tissue.*  

Be sure to head back to our Top 10 Herbs for Kidney Health blog to read more about the amazing herbs in all these formulas and to learn about other lifestyle therapeutics that support a healthy urinary system, like juicing, things to avoid, bladder training and Kegels.  


*FDA warning: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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