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Spring Wellness Guide

Spring Wellness Guide

Spring is here, the season of renewal and rebirth. Outside the world is bursting with growth and activity, the days are longer, and we finally get to see some warm sunshine. Most of us have spent the winter months indoors resting and pausing our detox dieting for more rich warming foods and it can be challenging to transition from the quiet introspection of winter to the activity of spring.  

This guide is meant to provide some herbal, dietary and lifestyle tips and strategies for anyone looking to move into the spring season with joyful ease.  

Fasting and Detoxification 

Spring is the perfect time for fasting. Many of us have been living more sedentary lives and opting for richer foods all winter long. Now that the days are longer and we want to be outside as much as possible, we need to detoxify our bodies, to have energy for the things we love.  

Doctor Morse says that when we consistently eat a rich diet all our eliminative systems become overworked, stagnant, and depleted.* “Fasting allows the pancreas, stomach, liver, intestines and even the kidneys somewhat of a rest (Fasting pdf).” The purpose is to support the eliminatory organs in their own detoxification process. He recommends a few different fasting protocols:  

All Raw Food Fast: This type of pseudo-fast can be utilized for extended periods of time as you are still eating food and detoxification is slow. According to Doctor Morse this diet should include fruits, vegetables, and juices but no proteins (even raw seeds and nuts).  

All Fruit Fast: This diet consists of only fruit and fruit juices. Doctor Morse believes this is the diet that humans are meant to eat. Check out our grape juice fast.   

Lemonade Fast: This fast has been popular for some time and is thought to be especially supportive of the liver. The lemonade consists of lemons, water, honey, and cayenne pepper. The exact recipe can be found here. 

Water Fast: The most strongly detoxifying fast to be done for short periods. A 24-hour water fast is recommended to begin.  

Download our “General Fasting” pdf for more information. 

Preparing for a Fast 

Before embarking on a fast, it is essential to prime your body for the experience. Incorporate a raw, living food diet into your regular meals to acclimatize your system to fresh, nutrient-rich foods. Pay close attention to how your body responds to these nourishing foods, as it can offer valuable insights into your overall health. During this preparation phase, plan to rest as much as possible, allowing your body to adjust and prepare yourself mentally for the fasting period ahead. 

Duration of the Fast 

For those new to fasting, setting a modest goal of 1-3 days is advisable. Throughout the fast, it is crucial to maintain a strong connection with your body and heed its signals. Listen attentively to your inner guidance and be mindful of any hunger cues. Cravings are common at the onset of a fast but should subside and be replaced with clarity and energy. When true hunger persists, it is an indication that your body is ready to end the fast. Trusting your body's wisdom is key to a successful fasting experience. 

Breaking the Fast 

When concluding your fast, it is essential to reintroduce food gradually to avoid shocking your system. Begin by breaking a juice or water fast with fresh fruit only, adhering to a ratio of one day of fruit consumption for every three days of fasting. This gentle transition allows your body to readjust to solid foods gradually, ensuring a smooth and comfortable re-entry into your regular eating routine. 

Reclaim Gut Health* 

Another important goal of detoxification is supporting the removal of unwanted organisms. These uninvited visitors to the digestive tract rob the body of vital nutrients and disrupt our cycle of elimination. You might want to consider taking one of our parasite* formulas if you have been traveling out of the country this winter or wish to support occasional gas and bloating.  

Check out our blog on How to Do an At-Home Cleanse  to further understand Doctor Morse's philosophy on cleansing and detoxification.  


The short days of winter leave many of us huddled indoors. With more light and warmer weather, it is time to move our bodies! This can be as simple as walking around the block, stretching each morning and evening, or dancing to your favorite music. Joining a yoga class, swimming, doing tai chi, going for a hike, or playing a sport with friends are other options. Many studies have shown the benefits of exercise for increasing life span, maintaining wellness, and improving mental health. Spring is the perfect time to set up an exercise ritual for yourself that gives you more energy and vitality. We have several formulas that support muscle, bone, and joint health to feel your best during your workouts. Add our Muscles by Nature powder to your juices and smoothies for an extra energy boost and try our Bone & Connective Tissue Support and Healthy Joints formulas for supporting connective tissue integrity and post-work out discomfort.* 

Eating Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables 

Spring is the season of new growth and that includes fruits and vegetables in our gardens and local farms. Try eating as much local seasonal produce as you can. The plants that grow where we live are naturally supportive of all our body systems during this season of cleansing and renewal.  

Go to your local farmer's market, bring a friend, talk with your local farmers, and eat some bitter greens. Bitter spring greens include radicchio, arugula, dandelion greens, lettuces, mustard greens, and radishes. These vegetables all support your eliminative organs in their natural functions. Taking herbs that support liver function can also be helpful.* 

Try our Liver/Skin formula for helping to clear the liver-to-skin eliminatory pathway and balance kidney pressure. Sip on our Liver Detox Chai Tea with hepatoprotective milk thistle, dandelion and burdock. Take any of our formulas containing gentian 15 minutes before a meal to ignite your digestive fire and support sluggish digestion. Gentian is in GI Daily, Gentle, Moderate & Super Mover and Pancreas Support.* 

Allergy/Immune Support* 

The many flowers of spring are beautiful, but all the airborne pollen has many of us sneezing, drippy and/or stuffy. Start taking herbs to support a lessened allergic response before spring begins. Studies have shown that stinging nettle has multiple constituents that support a healthy inflammatory and immune response, supporting those troubled with seasonal allergies.   Nettles provide essential minerals and nutrients often lacking in winter diets. You can also support your immune system with foods and supplements. Make an immune supportive smoothie or juice with fruits high in vitamin C (strawberries, citrus etc.) and try adding some Superfood Explosion Powder to make it extra powerful. Just make sure you are using healthy food combining practices as laid out in Doctor Morse’s food combining chart.* 

The lymph system is intricately linked with the immune system. Doctor Morse refers to the lymph system as the body’s sewage system as it cleans the body of toxins and wastes. Taking one of our immune support bundles or formulas can support the body’s immunoregulatory capacity as well as the lymph system in clearing the body of waste. Supporting the immune system is also a great way to support the reduction of allergic reactions.* 

Studies have shown that eating honey can support allergic symptoms. Try mixing our tea blends with honey. Make them into syrups for an extra supportive boost.* 

Stress Support* 

It is beautiful this time of year, but it can be hard to catch up with the new, faster pace of spring. How are you supposed to work a job, take that wildflower hike, meet with friends, do your spring cleaning, and complete the yard work? Some stress is natural and good for us; the fight or flight response has kept humans alive for thousands of years. However, holding stress in our bodies for days, weeks, or even years can lead to greater health risks. This is a wonderful time to work on your stress response as we continue into the outward expansiveness of the spring and summer seasons. One way to support occasional stress is to set up healthy routines to fall back on when things get busy.  

Be mindful, check in with how you are feeling regularly. This helps you recognize how stress manifests in the body. Once you know what stress feels like you can be proactive about taking yourself out of the stress state before it takes control. Try meditation, even five minutes a day can make a difference in how you respond to stress. Focus on your breath and practice breathing deeply and evenly.  

Adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha, astragalus, eleuthero, and schisandra support your body in adapting to occasional stress. They are meant to be taken over extended periods to give them a chance to build up in the body and support your hormones. These herbs and more can be found in our Adrenal Health Bundle.* 

This might surprise you, but spring cleaning can help promote healthy stress levels as well. Living and working in clean uncluttered spaces allows you to feel more relaxed and peaceful. Marie Kondo has made this concept widely popular but there are numerous books on the subject. Cleaning your home space in the spring can reflect the internal cleaning that you are doing, both physical and mental.  

Update Your Skin Care Routine  

The season of rebirth and renewal is the perfect time to revamp your skin care routine. As you spend more time in the sun it becomes increasingly important to care for your skin. The skin is our largest organ, and Doctor Morse sometimes refers to it as the third kidney because of its importance in elimination. Anything we eat must be processed by our bodies and some waste will be eliminated through the skin, our largest organ of elimination.  

Anything we put on our skin is potentially absorbed into our bloodstream, so it is extremely important to use skincare products free of harmful chemicals. What you eat and take internally and what you put on your skin are both contributing factors to healthy skin. Try Doctor Morse’s  Liver/Skin formula to support the health of the liver and any expressions of liver toxicity showing up on the skin. Our Liver Detox Tea is also a lovely supportive blend for skin health.* 

 Those of us who live at northern or southern latitudes greater than 33 degrees absorb little to no vitamin D from November through February, so spring is a crucial time to soak up some rays.  Low vitamin D levels affect bone health and can lead to many other health issues including respiratory and immune imbalances. Sun exposure on the torso under the arms when the sun is at its zenith results in the best vitamin D absorption.* 

Spring Synergy  

During the magic of spring there are many practices that can help you greet the season with more energy, wellness, and joy. Each of our body systems is intricately connected. Supporting one system in its processes supports the others. Getting outside in the sunshine and moving your body will support your immune system and healthy stress levels, while giving your skin a glow up, and working up a sweat all support detoxification. Eating raw seasonal spring greens and fasting will support your health goals toward  better digestion, elimination, and whole-body cleansing.  


*FDA warning: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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