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Herbal Protocols for Holistic Health

Herbal Protocols for Holistic Health


What brought you here to Doctor Morse?

For many of us, it was the diligent search for answers, and the pull of learning the truth knowing that there was something more to attaining our best health. The simplicity of Dr. Morse’s message resonates with many people worldwide because whole body detoxification is the answer. It is the body’s natural way of removing accumulated, unwanted wastes and obstructions that deteriorate cells and tissues, which can lead to a state of suboptimal health.

The year is drawing to a close soon, and a new year will begin, and it is a good time of year for identifying a distinctive direction for your personal health goals.

Although there is never a bad time to reflect on your personal health journey, this is an excellent time to pause and ponder the questions of where you were, where you are now, and where you want to be. In this blog post, we provide you with a brief guide to protocols for maintenance and simplicity, and we will encourage you to dedicate time to set intentions for the days, weeks and months ahead.


Herbal Protocols with Holistic Additions

This journey starts with you. You must open yourself up to rejuvenation, not just for the physical body, but for the spiritual, mental and emotional bodies as well.

Doctor Morse’s herbal formulas are potent synergistic, tissue-specific blends that complement organ and gland function, fortify the immune system and increase whole-body detoxification. The herbal formulations in our Holistic Health category are detoxifiers in their own right, but they also complement personalized herbal protocols and may intensify the detoxification experience.

Recognizing when to incorporate these herbal formulations into your protocol and appreciating their purpose can bring your detoxification experience to a new level. What better time to consider additions or changes to your protocol than now? Let’s explore some of the Holistic Health need state formulas and develop a greater understanding of what these amazing formulations can do for your detoxification and your health.


Ultimate Detox Kits and Fab 4



The Ultimate Detox Kits are designed for deep tissue cleansing to detoxify the body as a whole and rejuvenate the body’s cells. The kits are structured to open pathways of elimination, move lymph, and reinforce filtration through the kidneys, all while supporting the other body systems in their unique functions. No matter where you are in your state of health, the Ultimate Detox Kits are a simple and comprehensive way to get you started.

If you do not know where to get started and you are eager to take action right away, or if you want to maintain your health with added cleansing support, begin working with the Ultimate Detox Kits and commit to 16-weeks of deep tissue cleansing for optimal health.*


An alternative to the Ultimate Detox Kits is the Fab 4. The Fab 4 is an affordable way to aid the body in cleansing by focusing on four key areas of body support: the kidneys, lymph, the GI tract, and endocrine system.

Create a routine with manageable adjustments to your diet by removing acidic foods, with a progression towards the consumption of raw, living foods. This promotes the detoxification process further by breaking down systemic obstructions and encouraging the elimination of wastes out of the body.*


Heal All Tea and Heal All Herbal Blend



The Heal All Tea and Heal All Herbal Blend can simplify formula selection for health maintenance or cleansing. The herbal formulation in the Heal All Tea and blends boosts detoxification of the lymphatic system, encourages lymph filtration through the kidneys, complements natural cell and tissue functions, and soothes acidic tissues.

This formulation is rejuvenating for the entire body, and it is an ideal addition to any protocol or as an accompaniment to the Ultimate Detox Kits. If you are limited by your financial situation, always work on improving your diet first and consider working with at least the Heal All Tea or Heal All Herbal Blend.*


Nutritive and Tissue Enhancing Blends



Dr. Morse created a variety of herbal and nutritional blends that are exceptional companions to any herbal detoxification protocol or herbal maintenance regimen. The Superfood Explosion blend and High Energy blend are superb nutritive blends made with nature’s most energetic foods, designed for all ages and all walks of life as additional nutritional support that will not interfere with the detoxification process. Although both are supportive to the endocrine and nervous systems, the High Energy capsules may be more suitable for individuals that experience more frequent fatigue or adrenal stress. Even with the supportive blends as part of a daily routine the true cause of the body’s weaknesses must still be addressed.

Either of these blends can be added to any protocol at any time throughout the cleansing process. The Superfood Explosion and High Energy blends can be rotated on and off throughout a protocol. Also, both of the blends can be continued long after a cleanse is complete as part of the body’s continuous process to clean the tissues and maintain balance.*


Metal Detox



Our bodies are exposed to toxicity every day, and for some, the exposure is in staggering amounts. Think about what we may expose ourselves to by choice (perfumes, cleaning products, skin products) and the toxins we may not consider, such as what is in the air we breathe, our water, and so much more. We bring in this toxicity through what we eat, breathe, and put on our skin.

The Metal Detox, formerly known as Chem/Metal, is one of Dr. Morse’s long-standing herbal formulations designed to assist the body in the removal of heavy metals and chemical toxicity from the tissues. Lymph stagnation and impaired lymph filtration through the kidneys complicates the removal of these toxins. Incorporating Dr. Morse's herbal Metal Detox formula into an herbal protocol along with a healthy, cleansing diet high in fruits and vegetables aids the body’s lymph flow and filtration efforts to remove these unwanted chemical and metal residues.*


Herbal Tooth and Gum



Oral health is directly connected to the body’s overall health. The mouth is the gateway to our digestive system. We begin processing our foods by chewing and breaking them down before they pass to the stomach. We breathe partly through our mouths, and we communicate with others by speaking or with a simple smile.

Our mouths should be on the alkaline side of chemistry. Saliva that is alkaline promotes healthier gums and the enamel of the teeth, promoting optimal oral health. Many mouth discomforts are connected to stagnant lymph and poor cellular waste elimination in the body.

Nature has provided amazing herbs that help keep our mouths healthy as long as we use them and consume the foods that build the tissues up and not break them down. The Herbal Tooth and Gum powder is an excellent addition to a daily hygiene routine and not just for detoxification alone. Other suggestions would include preparing a small batch of Heal All Tea and, once cooled, using it as a mouthwash. Parasite Micro can be diluted and used as a mouth rinse as well. The Bone & Connective Tissue Support provides additional support to the health of the gums and tissues of the mouth.*


Voice Box Spray



Irritated, dry, and scratchy throats are uncomfortable. This common discomfort can occur when the body’s immune system is engaged. The body will work to expel accumulated mucus and hydrate the tissues of the throat. Herbal teas and cold, fresh fruit or green juices can calm a scratchy throat, and they will help move the cleansing process along. The Voice Box Spray coats the tissues of the throat to reduce discomfort and may help soothe occasional coughing.

For those with seasonal discomforts of the upper respiratory tract, or occupations that require frequent speaking or singing, the Voice Box Spray is a recommended daily addition to an herbal health routine.*


It All Starts with You

Now is the time to clearly define and outline your vision and expectations for your health in the days to come. Try not to put a timeline on the detoxification process. The congestion in the lymph system and tissues did not accumulate overnight, nor did the weaknesses in the body suddenly appear.

Instead, change your perspective on the concept of imbalance. Understand and recognize that the body is responding to toxicity and what is taken in, and that common health ailments are the manifestations of acidity and genetic cellular weakness.

The Ultimate Detox kits provide a starting point for anyone, or the Fab 4 if greater simplicity is desired. Consuming simple meals of raw, living fruits and vegetables will nourish the body and set the stage for the deep cleansing required for tissue renewal. Herbal protocols with Doctor Morse’s formulas can be as simple or as detailed as desired.

Detoxification for health is a journey. This is a process that reveals the potential of the human body and vitality like no other. Although it is important to keep health goals in mind and retain an awareness of the body’s “language” as a guide, it is worth it to acknowledge where you started at the beginning of this journey, how you are improving your health now, and looking forward to what you will achieve.

*FDA warning: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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