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Dr Morse’s Protocols for Nervous Systems Health

Dr Morse’s Protocols for Nervous Systems Health

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Introduction to the Nervous Systems 

Your nervous system is an amazing and complex system. It is the information highway of the body, which means it serves as the communication network allowing different parts of the body to interact and coordinate their functions.  

The nervous system (or systems as we refer to it because of its multiple branches) controls and regulates various bodily processes such as movement, sensation, thought, and emotion. We would not be able to respond to stimuli or carry out necessary functions without it! 

This article reviews several common nervous system issues and demonstrates how a basic herbal detoxification protocol can be customized at any time during the cleansing process to address nervous system imbalances.* 

Nervous Systems Protocols 

The nervous systems are connected to every organ system and physiological function of the human body. Consider what you have learned so far and the fact that, as complex as the body’s functions may be, the solution to achieving your best health is as simple as detoxifying the body as a whole. Because the body’s systems operate synergistically, a physiological function in one body system cannot occur without the assistance of another. 

When the components of the nervous system suffer due to wear and tear and acidosis, we may feel physical, mental and emotional effects in a variety of ways due to its interactions with other body systems and impact on organ function. Recall that what we eat, drink, breathe and absorb all contribute to the state of our body’s cells. Our cells begin to fail in their function as toxicity and acidosis sets in. The body cannot regenerate in a toxic environment, so we need to create an environment for our bodies to thrive. This means a diet of 100% raw fruits and veggies – energizing, whole foods that your nervous system needs! 

Consider other systemic imbalances in the body that may be sending you signals. Some common neurological imbalances will be discussed with basic herbal formula recommendations that can assist in building a more personalized protocol based on individual needs and body system imbalances.* 

The suggestion of Tincture, Glycerin or Capsule can be adjusted to personal preference where an alternate form is available.  

Formula Favorites for Nervous System Protocols 

Kidneys & Bladder 

Adrenal Support* 

Lymphatic System 

GI Support* 

Endocrine Daily 

Blood Circulation 

Brain & Nervous Systems 

Happy Caps 

Spasm Calm* 

Healthy Joints* 

Eye Health 





The Brain & Nervous Systems formula will be recommended in every protocol that follows because its superior herbal formulation supports healthy nervous system function. The Brain & Nervous Systems formula can be added to any protocol at any time. The protocols that follow will provide you with a glimpse into developing protocol pairings utilizing this formula as you work toward the root cause of your health issues by promoting lymph flow, enhancing kidney filtration and supporting other vital systems in the body. 


Before we get into formulas and protocols, we’d like to take a moment to encourage you to talk to your doctor before beginning any nervous system protocol, especially since many nervous system responses can be the symptoms of some greater issue. 

The following protocols have been designed by Dr Morse and used to support many folks on their healing journey. However, they are only recommendations and should be considered alongside recommendations from a doctor. 

Protocols for the Nervous System  

General Maintenance* 

The general maintenance protocol is for any stage of health, both prevention and detoxification. Remember that a successful detoxification protocol starts with a strong foundation. Be self-aware and be attentive to what you bring into your body. Recall our foundational formulas for any herbal protocol: a GI formula, a Kidneys & Bladder formula, a Lymphatic System formula and a formula to support a component of the endocrine system. 

Doctor Morse recommends Endocrine Daily to support the endocrine system and nervous system connection. The nervous system detects and transmits signals from internal and external stimuli to maintain homeostasis in the body by releasing hormones to regulate responses, fluid levels, heart rate, and much more.  

Brain & Nervous Systems formula is added to this protocol to help all parts of the body communicate with one another, such as emotions, sensory experiences, memory and cognitive function, movement, sleep and perception.  

Stomach tea is a lovely addition to support the “rest and digest” response that involves the parasympathetic nervous system, especially after a meal.  

Don’t forget the importance of appropriate food choices and proper food combining! 

Memory/Cognitive Function* 

Brain health is critical for memory and cognitive functions. Neurons are the essential building blocks of the nervous system, and they communicate with each other across synapses as a basis for memory formation and cognitive processes. New connections between neurons are made continuously the more we learn. This communication is also supported through chemical messengers, like neurotransmitters, to regulate other cognitive processes.  

In this protocol, the goal is to “drain the brain” and replenish blood and lymph flow through the brain, head, and along the spine. Lymph Drainage Daily supports the movement of lymph while Kidneys & Bladder Restore rejuvenates proper function and filtration in the kidneys.   

Brain & Nervous Systems is recommended since it is an excellent tonic and memory booster. This herbal blend supports the functions of neurons and new connections that are formed, producing strong, healthy memory and cognitive function.    

Blood Circulation formula is included in this protocol because good memory and cognitive function depend on a healthy blood supply to the brain. This formula contains nootropic herbs which are vasodilators, acting on the small arteries and veins in the brain. Introducing herbal nootropics to the system will reinforce blood circulation, supply important nutrients, boost energy, and bolster oxygen flow to the brain. 

Prolonged exposure to unhealthy acidosis levels leaves the tissues and nerves vulnerable. Memory and cognitive decline can occur the longer the blood and lymph vessels and tissues of the body are impacted by the effects of acidosis (Pedro H. Imenez Silva et al, 2021). Healthy Joints invigorates the body’s tissues and supports a healthy inflammatory response. 

Remember, healthy memory and cognition start with a diet of whole foods, brain foods, that support a strong nervous system. Practice mental exercises as part of a daily routine to help keep the mind sharp. 


Healthy Circadian Rhythm* 

Did you know your lymph system has its own circadian rhythm when flowing properly? The Lymph Drainage Gentle Mover formula is suggested for that little “nudge” of support for better lymph flow through the body. 

The kidneys also have their daily fluctuations, and our lifestyles and diets contribute to this ebb and flow. They consistently respond to changes in the body to balance fluids. It is important to hydrate your tissues – the kidneys included. The Kidneys & Bladder Hydrate formula is suggested because of its diuretic properties to stimulate filtration and to support the normal, healthy rhythms for renal function.   

The central nervous system is responsible for our circadian rhythms, so we once again recommend the Brain & Nervous Systems formula. You’ll recognize some of the herbs in this formula from our endocrine webinar, as they support the indirect connection between the endocrine and nervous systems.   

Sleeping and rest are important parts of recovery for the body and the mind. If we don’t get adequate rest, we can experience effects like tiredness, reduced attention or focus, and low energy. Happy Caps contains herbs that support the nervous system and endocrine system with the added benefit of helping with our quality of sleep.   

Just like many other organs in the body, the adrenal glands have their own rhythm. Do you remember our review of the HPA axis in the endocrine webinar? Prolonged stress of the HPA axis and the release of cortisol suppresses the immune system, leaving one susceptible to circadian rhythm disruption and other potential health imbalances. The adaptogen herbs in the Adrenal Support formula can encourage natural and healthy adrenal function and fortify the adrenal glands over time.  

Discomfort or restlessness in the muscles, nerves or mind can disrupt the circadian rhythm. Spasm Calm is a soothing blend of herbs for soothing these systems. Pair this formula with an alkaline diet and healthy, active lifestyle, and watch the transformation begin! 

Eye Health* 

By reading this article, you are engaging what is arguably the most complex of the five senses. Your eyes capture visual information which is then transmitted to the brain through the optic nerves for processing and interpretation. Your eye is an organ made up of tissues that can be affected by acidosis just as any other area of the body. Enhance the neuroendocrine connection, and clean and strengthen these tissues by supporting all the crucial processes for detoxification, such as moving lymph, draining the sinuses, and supporting elimination in the kidneys, skin and bowels. Eye Health formula can be taken internally to support the health of the eyes.  

The Lymph drainage Super Mover and Kidneys & Bladder Drain are included in this protocol to support full movement and filtering of lymph fluid from the lymph system and balance fluids within the body. This elimination supports a clearing of stuck lymph in the head and eyes.     

Our senses are connected to the nervous system. There are specialized cells and tissues that receive stimuli and translate them into signals the nervous system can use. The senses help us process and relay information constantly to sense what is pleasurable or painful. The Brain &Nervous System formula is suggested for support of the nervous system’s role in engaging the senses. 

Mental Health* 

One in five adults in the US Experience mental health imbalances every year. At Doctor Morse's, we understand the importance of holistic support for mental well-being. That's why we've curated a selection of protocols designed to nurture the mind and body. Our approach combines the power of botanicals with a focus on whole-body detoxification.  

To support mental health, we recommend formulas such as Lymph Drainage Gentle, Kidneys & Bladder Daily, Brain & Nervous Systems, Happy Caps, and Spasm Calm. These formulas are carefully crafted to address imbalances in the nervous system, promote relaxation, and support emotional resilience. By nurturing the body's natural detoxification pathways and providing targeted herbal support, we aim to help individuals achieve greater mental clarity, emotional balance, and overall well-being." 



*FDA warning: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 



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